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some people watch, some people pray, but even lights can fade away. some people hope, some people pay, but why'd we have to stay? cause even heroes get the blues or any misery you choose. you like to watch, we like to use, and we were born to lose. i choose defeat. i walk away and leave this place the same today. some like to sleep. we like to play. just look at all that pain. you want the heart or to be saved, but even good guys still get paid. so watch my back and keep the blade - i think it got you laid. so fake your death or it's your blame and leave the lights on when you stay. take off your clothes and dream that fame. come on and feel that shame.

just look at all that pain. just give me all that pain.

indie non-canon regeneration of the master from doctor who. fc: gemma arterton

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"The multiverse is just full of surprises today," the Master muttered under his breath. What was with this woman? She was everywhere and everywhen, and he wasn’t even looking to find her. The best he could do was attempt to dodge, get back to his ship, and come back later - he was far too early. Ah, the risks of a young capsule built from bits of old ones and left to grow (quite crookedly and confusedly) into her own. There were quite a few of them, and one of them was a complete lack of accuracy in landing.

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