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some people watch, some people pray, but even lights can fade away. some people hope, some people pay, but why'd we have to stay? cause even heroes get the blues or any misery you choose. you like to watch, we like to use, and we were born to lose. i choose defeat. i walk away and leave this place the same today. some like to sleep. we like to play. just look at all that pain. you want the heart or to be saved, but even good guys still get paid. so watch my back and keep the blade - i think it got you laid. so fake your death or it's your blame and leave the lights on when you stay. take off your clothes and dream that fame. come on and feel that shame.

just look at all that pain. just give me all that pain.

indie non-canon regeneration of the master from doctor who. fc: gemma arterton
I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love
Track: Cubicles
Artist: My Chemical Romance
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It’s the tearing sound of love notes drowning out these gray stained windows and the view outside is sterile and I’m only two cubes down. I’d photocopy all the things that we could be if you took the time to notice me but you can’t now. I don’t blame you and it’s not your fault that no one ever does.

But you don’t work here anymore. It’s just a vacant three by four and they might fill your place. A temporary stand in for your face. This happens all the time and I can’t help but think I’ll die alone.

So I’ll spend my time with strangers. A condition and it’s terminal in this water cooler romance and it’s coming to a close. We could be in the park and dancing by a tree, kicking over blades we see or a dark beach with a black view and pin-pricks in the velvet catch our fall.

I know you don’t work here anymore. Sometimes I think I’ll die alone, live and breathe and die alone. I think I’d love to die alone. Just take me down.

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